Chromatinopathies and Autism: Motor Phenotyping and Indicators of Neurodevelopment


Children 1 to 5 years old with

  • Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and no known genetic syndromes OR
  • Known Chromatin Modifying Disorder (also known as Chromatinopathy) OR
  • No diagnosis of ASD or genetic syndromes


The goal of this study is to better understand cognitive, behavioral, social, and motor development in children with these conditions. Motor impairments and/or delays tend to affect children who have ASD and/or Chromatin Modifying Disorders (CMDs) and this research hopes to develop better tools/methods to help us identify, monitor, and evaluate delays as well as come up with better treatment and therapeutic options.


Participation in the CHAMPION research study involves:

  • Having your child wear small sensors on their arms and legs
  • Behavioral and cognitive assessments
  • A parent interview to gain further insight into your child’s medical history, behavior, and development.


For more information, please contact the study coordinator, Ronald Ly, at or (310) 206-1045. The coordinator can answer questions you may have and conduct an eligibility screening to determine if your child would qualify for enrollment in this study.